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MWO News Updates
Published Aug 25, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, We will be rolling out a hot-fix, currently scheduled for Thursday, August 25th at 5:00 PM PDT (Midnight UTC), with the following changes: • Crimson Strait: Fixed collision...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, The Energy Draw Public Test Server is being updated with a number of value adjustments based on feedback, discussions, and additional testing since the Energy Draw PTS began...
Published Aug 22, 2016
Five unique 'Mech variants will be newly-available for purchase with MC after the August 23rd patch! Cicada CDA-3F 3,095 MC Executioner EXE-C 7,200 MC Nova NVA-D 3,640 MC Wolverine...
Published Aug 22, 2016
Upcoming Patch - Tuesday August 23rd @ 10AM PDT - 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.81 Patch Size: ~860 MB (Standalone Client) ~1.3 GB (Steam) Please note that due to compression differences the Steam...
Published Aug 19, 2016
Published Aug 18, 2016
Information Post for Accessing the Public Test servers Energy Draw PTS Sub-ForumPlease direct all of your feedback into that sub-forum UPDATE! CHANGE LOG FOR THE AUGUST 23RD UPDATES TO ENERGY DRAW...
Published Aug 17, 2016
PRE-ORDER THE CYCLOPS HERE! CYCLOPS : 1 day to release! Watch the archive of today's Cyclops MechLab Preview from NGNGtv here on YouTube! CYCLOPS : 2 days to release Cockpit Preview CYCLOPS :...
Published Aug 15, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, We'd like to set up a Machinima Contest at MechCon for all of you very creative MechWarriors of the community! Here’s how it works: 1)  Create a video (5 minutes maximum)...
Published Aug 12, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, Our three year anniversary since leaving Open Beta approaches, and to commemorate the occasion we're excited to announce our 2016 Customer Appreciation Rewards Program!...
Published Aug 12, 2016
Welcome Mechwarrior!

Here are my suggestions for mechs to bring to CW and to use at other times as well. 

First up is the Mauler. I personally prefer the 4x UAC5 build on the 1R or 1P because it can dish out UAC5s up to 660m with less than a second for cooldown (without double-tapping). However, the MX90 can also do the same build but with a slower cooldown but longer range and faster velocity. Another option with the MX90 is 5x AC5s, it's 25 damage at over 775m. 

Keeping with the dakka theme, you can bring jagermechs but be careful since skilled people will always go for the right torso and with an XL engine, you will die very fast. Play carefully and you'll be good. The build I love is 3x UAC5s on the DD since it has the quirks for it. 

Moving on to laser mechs, first is the Stalker 4N with 6x Large Lasers. This is VERY good at tanking and has very high hardpoints but if you lose one side torso, that's half your weapons gone. It is also quite slow topping out at 61kph with speed tweak. 

Next in the lasers is the Battlemaster 2C with 3x Large Pulse and 3x Medium Lasers. I choose this vairent because of the structure quirks and can have a very high LPL. This also dishes out the damage to whatever you can look at for about a second. The reasons to take this over the Stalker is because it's faster, 66.6kph and can torso twist to survive and keep it's weapons. Don't take this on warmer maps...

A slightly lighter type of laser vomit mech is the Black Knight 6-KNT with the same 3xLPL and 3xML. You take this over the Battlemaster because you have 10 more tons to work with and it's faster. You can also take both if you truly want to. 

Lastly is the Jenner hero, the Oxide with 4x SRM 4. This is over powered so use it. Even without some quirks, it's still super strong so fork out the money and get it. 



The MechWarrior Online World Championship is an 8 vs 8 Tournament. Teams from around the world will compete in Regional Qualifiers and Finals to determine who emerges victorious as Regional Champions. Those Champions will then be flown to Vancouver, Canada for the World Finals at MECH CON 2016 in December.


A Tournament FAQ is now available here, covering some of the most important and common questions regarding the MWOWC. A dedicated sub-forum has been created to help Teams facilitate the coordination and scheduling of MWOWC2016 Matches outside of the Official Regional Qualifier Match Schedule. If Teams wish to run their assigned matches outside of the official schedule they are free to do so, but both Teams must coordinate and agree to any such off-schedule matches.

Please read through the recent MWOWC2016 Update post for full details regarding Off-Schedule Matches.
Released to eligible MechWarriors as part of the 2015 Loyalty Programwere distinct variants with distinct Loadouts. A few Tournament Participants who received these 'Mechs as part of the 2015 Loyalty Program asked whether these would be valid for use during the the Tournament, so they have unlocked those Loyalty variants for all Tournament Participants to acquire through the in-game Tournament Client store only at a placeholder price. Non-Loyalty versions of these 'Mechs will be made available for purchase on the standard client this July. These standard versions will not possess the custom Pattern and 30% C-Bill Boost of their Loyalty counterparts, but they will retain their unique Loadouts. You can view the Loadouts for these 'Mechs here.